The Story So Far

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The Story So Far

Postby HenryEvans » Wed May 17, 2017 2:14 pm

UPDATED: 8/1/2017

Hello everyone.

In an effort to help new recruits catch up on what has happened over the past few months, and as a guide for others to refresh their memory, we wanted to lay out the road map of the story so far. Cristen has generously done one of these already back in March (thank you!), but we thought it was time to update it overall.

Consider this the Reader’s Digest version of events…

The main thing you need to know is that the Order of Bileth is an organization that has existed for centuries. However, they have operated on the fringes of the world, not making themselves known until very recently.


They are dedicated to Bileth, a being of supreme power who once ruled over this planet. She filled the world with prosperity, with love, and everything was at peace.

However, there were those who did not understand her. Instead of attempting to, they tried to seize her power for themselves. When they were unable to do so, they instead found a way to banish her from this world. She was sent to the in-between, the place between worlds, and thus, a time of darkness fell upon the Earth. Human history as we know it happened after that.

However, those who loved and followed Bileth did not forget her will and her love. Instead, they kept it alive, and created the Order of Bileth. They have dedicated themselves to her teachings, and their ultimate goal is to bring her back to this world, and allow her to rule again, ushering in a new age of prosperity, and ending the disarray that permeates the world today.

The head of this organization is Steven Lundy, whose title is 1st Leading Knight (though he does remind everyone that this is a position of knowledge and not power). Lundy leads the Order with his impeccable southern charm (and accent). It was by his hand that the Order no longer operated in the shadows, but instead “went public.”


Feeling that they are closer than they have ever been to bringing Bileth back, Lundy has been working tirelessly, along with the rest of the Order, to make this happen. The Order preaches of the love and wonder that Bileth will bring upon her return. They talk of how they need people to help them on their journey to the One Truth, and that Bileth’s light and love will embrace everyone that helps her.

However, there are those that feel that the Order is not telling the truth…

Early in the days when the Order went public, some people began to notice cryptic messages within the source code of the web site and in their newsletters from an opposing side, especially from one person in particular. This person called themselves wk, and seemed to have inside information on the Order, but was feeding it to another group.

This group, known as the Society, believes that Bileth, and the Order, are not what they seem. They claim that Bileth is in fact a demoness who, if unleashed upon the world, will rain destruction down upon the human race. They have made it their mission to stop the Order from raising Bileth.

Lundy hired a man named Roy Goodwin to translate from ancient texts pertaining to Bileth, believing that it would help further their cause. While wk sent new recruits looking for Goodwin, Goodwin managed to translate some of the texts, and thought it aligned with what the Society was claiming. Goodwin went on the run, not wanting the Order to get their hands on the pages he translated, and trying to find safety.


While wk and Goodwin were unable to speak directly because it was unsafe, they got messages back and forth to each other through the recruits loyal to them. Eventually, Goodwin set up a meeting with recruit Cristen, telling her more about what he found in the translated pages, and telling her that he had dreamed about her. He gave her some pages for safe keeping, ones that seemed to pertain to her. He went dark again after that.

During this time, the Order tasked recruit La Salle to spy on said meeting, to find out who was working for the Society and to see what Goodwin had. La Salle took photos of Goodwin and Cristen together, outing her as a traitor to the Order.

The same night, La Salle met the Man with the Umbrella for the first time. He explained that her taking the photos was more about her showing her loyalty to the Order more than anything else. As a reward, he gave her a bag of worry dolls, which acts as a conduit to Bileth herself.


While on the run still, Goodwin got translated pages to recruits Candace, Jared, and Briana. These pages seemed to refer to things in their lives as well, but also contained a secret message from Goodwin. Lundy wanted those pages, and demanded that Goodwin return to the Order at once with them. He refused.

Meanwhile, the Order set up meetings with new recruits close to WonderCon. Recruits Candace, Derek, Briana, Pamela, and Gary met with the Man with the Umbrella…and his sister, the Woman with the Umbrella. It is there they learn more about Bileth and why the Order wants to bring her back. The Umbrella Twins produced a worry doll, and explained how the Order believes that when you speak to a worry doll, you speak to Bileth. If you destroy the doll afterward, Bileth will take care of your worry. The night before, they whispered Goodwin’s name to the doll they held…and in front of the recruits, they destroyed it.

A week later, recruit Pamela reached out to wk to try to help Goodwin. wk explained that they were close to getting him to a safe place, and that she needed someone to meet Goodwin at ‘the rail’, which was a train station, to keep him safe until the Society arrived to help arrange safe passage. Unfortunately for them, Pamela was secretly working for the Order, and alerted them as to Goodwin’s location. While Pamela kept Goodwin distracted, the Man with the Umbrella, along with some muscle, showed up to bring him back to Lundy.

Later that evening, the Man with the Umbrella met Lundy in a parking garage with Goodwin. The entire encounter was filmed by Norman Gidney of HorrorBuzz, and posted to their website. You can view the video at:

Goodwin was back in the Order’s hands, and it seemed like all hope was lost for wk and the Society.

Days later, the Order sent out an email saying that Roy was just fine. They also alluded to the fact that they are working on other means to bring Bileth back…mainly through scientific study. Allusions to parallel universes and experiments were made, and the fact that they needed the faithful to help them test theories.

Meanwhile, many questions were being asked about Goodwin. People wanted to know if he was OK, and what happened to him. Lundy assured everyone he was perfectly fine, and eventually Goodwin posted a video on his Twitter. In it, he said that the Order forgave him for his mistakes, and that he was wrong to doubt them. A few loyal to the Society felt that Goodwin was not acting like himself…

Shortly after, recruit Gary was sent on a scavenger hunt at his local library. At the end, he found a CD hidden in a book that contained the Order’s ‘Meditation Four.’ He uploaded it for everyone to hear, and it contained a meditation exercise that is meant to help relax people, and sway them toward the Order.


At the same time, recruit Cristen found a mix CD of Goodwin’s outside her home. One on of the tracks, Oh You Pretty Things by David Bowie, a secret message from Goodwin, apparently recorded BEFORE he was captured, claimed that he might be in trouble if he was acting strangely. He claimed to have set up a fail safe, and that people he trusted should be receiving letters in the mail soon.

The next day, people began to receive messages in from Goodwin in the mail. They contained pages from his journal, Magic the gathering cards, and a letter saying they needed to work together. There also seemed to be hidden messages, alluding to X-files episode titles, on the back.

While everyone has brought their letters and cards together, a solution to what it all means has yet to be found.

Around this time, Lundy began to meet with recruits in person for the first time ever. For two weeks in a row, recruits met at Barnsdall Art Park, where the Man with the Umbrella led them to where Lundy was sitting on the hill side overlooking the city.

It was there that he explained the deeper history of the Order and how he came to lead it. He talked of his father, who was the 1st Leading Knight before him, and that when he passed, he decided to take the Order public. He explained how, by bringing in new recruits, the Order could help protect Bileth from those who are out to destroy her. Lundy also met with recruit Candace at a location café to explain this to her in a one-on-one session.


At the end of his last meeting, while the Man with the Umbrella led people away, he handed a CD labeled “Early Attempt 1992” to recruit Mike. Mike later uploaded the contents of this CD, as well as played it on the My Haunt Life podcast. It seemed to be an early attempt at raising…something. However, it did not seem to end well for those involved. You can listen to that episode here:

The Order reached out to its followers shortly after to join them for a live, guided meditation in San Pedro at the Korean Friendship Bell. Because of the demand, they held two sessions. During each, the recruits were lead to the cliff side by the Man with the Umbrella, where a woman awaited them on a blanket. She had them blindfold themselves, and lead them through a guided meditation so they could feel Bileth's love. Some recruits claimed that they actually COULD feel her touch upon their faces and shoulders. Others reported feeling an icy touch. Reports have been unconfirmed.


Some recruits also reported that they found notes among their possessions hours later, saying they said things like "Help me" or "They won't let me leave."

After the sessions, two things happened. The first was that wk finally revealed herself to Cristen nearby...yes, Herself. wk is a woman who claims her life was ruined by the Order and Lundy. She wanted Cristen to finally meet her so she could gain her trust. What else transpired in that conversation is unknown.

The second was that the Man with the Umbrella called La Salle and told her to choose one of her fellow recruits to meet him along the cliffs. She choose Julie, and they went to meet him. Overlooking the ocean, he told them that man had ruined this world, spreading its refuse and disease back and forth across the sea. He said when they bring Bileth back, she will cleanse this world of the filth destroying it, and once again return us to an age of splendor.

A week later, some recruits received phone calls from a mysterious source. Some claim it asked them "Can you hear it?" and others say a voice at the end said "Bileth is coming." A few days later, Chloe said a crying woman called her, claiming that "They won't let me leave" and that "The light is a lie."

No one is claiming responsibility for these calls.

The Order asked for volunteers for experiments on Sunday, June 25th. They were able to secure 16 people in the Southern California area, and many more all over the world. These experiments were meant to try to make contact with the other side, the other realm, where Bileth is. For those participating at home, they were given an audio track to listen to that helped attune their mind to the right frequency. The in-person experiments, led by Roy, yielded positive results, with many of the volunteers reporting strange voices appearing on their audio recordings, and hand writing that was not theirs in their notebooks.

The message from the other side was clear: the Order needs to raise the Disciples.

While the Order dove into their research into how to do so, someone contacted Carl, a recruit, from wk's number. He quickly realized it was not her, but this unknown person wanted to give Carl some sort of secret...a buried one from Lundy's past.

At a park close to his home one night, Carl met with a mysterious young woman who had an umbrella and sang him a lullaby. At the end of it, she handed him a bag that contained a locked chest...a chest that, theoretically, at a dark secret of Lundy's within it. Carl was also asked to pick a number, 1-5. He choose 4.


This same person contacted recruit Alyssa, as she was chosen number 4. A key was sent to her in the mail. Using this, the chest was unlocked to reveal a sympathy card from Susan (a member of the Order) and an audio recording from 1998 of Lundy confessing to be the cause of his wife's death. Tabitha, his beloved deceased, suffered from MS. Instead of using traditional doctors, they instead entrusted in Bileth to heal her. After years of suffering, she succumbed when she contracted pneumonia. Steven, wracked with guilt, confessed that he believed Tabitha’s death to be because his faith in Bileth’s love wavered years ago, when he had first fallen in love with Tabitha. Her death was recompense for that, and he dedicated his life to bringing Bileth back from that moment onward. You may see the contents of the chest here:

In spite of this being uncovered, the Order reached out to La Salle, Cristen, Carl, and Julie to partake in a ceremony on July 17 along the shore of Seal Beach. Once there, they were led by the Man with the Umbrella to where the two planes, the land and the sea, met to find Steven and Roy waiting for them.

This ceremony turned out to be the one in which they would raise the Disciples of Bileth. After going through the results of the experiments a few weeks ago, they had found the correct ritual to bring them forth. They explained that the Disciples were the original followers of Bileth from centuries ago, and were imbued with her power. They take on many forms to bring those into her light and love.

And so, along the sea, in the darkness of the night, the ceremony was conducted. However, when Roy had finished the ritual…nothing had happened.

The group looked around, trying to see if anything was different, but alas, nothing was. Steven pulled Roy from the circle of protection to chastise him for the not doing it correctly, not wanting to fail again. However, as they spoke, three figures rose from the ocean. When all in attendance took notice, the silence overtook them.

Lundy demanded they identify themselves, and as luck would have it, they were the raised Disciples. However, something seemed…wrong. Even more so when two of the Disciples attacked Roy, and the third, seemingly the leader, revealed herself to be in the form of Tabitha.


With Steven’s anguished cries ringing through the night, the four recruits took off, leaving them to their fate…whatever that may have been…

At Midsummer Scream, the Order of Bileth had a booth set up to recruit new members into their organization. Jeremy made his first appearance, along with Audrey, as they worked the booth, enticing people inside.

Once people did go in, they were greeted by an Elder Acolyte who told them about the Order, and told them if they wished to join, they would have to complete a task that day. He sent them off to find Bileth’s blessing, which turned out to be a page from an ancient book that contained a ritual. Recruits brought the page to Roy, who helped them perform the ritual to help contain the Disciples…once one of the recruits acted as bait to lure it in, of course.


Amongst the show floor, the Man with the Umbrella and the Woman with the Umbrella were present, helping the recruits, new and old. Lundy was also present, along with his new assistant, Alice, and bodyguard. He seemed to be in good spirits, but some reported that he did also seem a bit…off. Perhaps the events of the Disciple’s raising still had him shaken.

By convention’s end, the Disciples were contained, and the Order recruited many more to their cause.

In the days leading up to Remembrance Day, the most sacred day of the year, several people who planned to attend received packages at their homes from an unknown member of the Order. These packages contained a note, telling them to unburden themselves with the worry doll it also contained.

An email also went out to attendees, this one from wk, warning them that things were not well, and that the Society would keep an eye on them to keep them safe.

The evening before the celebration, Lundy himself called a few people and thanked them for their support so far.

When Remembrance Day arrived, it was a day of celebration. After being checked in my Jeremy, who seemed to be frantic in all he had to do, the new recruits were lead inside. Once there, Lundy greeted them all, along with Alice, the Woman with the Red Umbrella, the previously unseen until that evening Henry Evans (the 3rd Leading Knight), and Rachel, someone who had been explained to have been with the Order for many years.. After introductions, Lundy told them to enjoy the reception itself, and mingle with the Order members so that they may learn more.

Throughout the evening, new recruits were able to learn more directly from the Order members, along with more of their personal history and conflicts. Alice and Jeremy seemed to be at each other's throats for most of the evening, as it was revealed that Jeremy was replaced without much of a reason, at Henry's behest. The Woman with the Red Umbrella told some about her past, and that she was worried about her brother. Henry revealed to some his family history with the Order, and seemed a bit worried about the evening overall. Lundy was ecstatic as ever, and spoke joyously to everyone. And finally, Rachel was cautious about whom she spoke to, probing about the Society...and when she trusted someone enough, she revealed who she REALLY was: wk.


While this reception was going on, recruits were pulled out one by one into the back rooms for a ritual of sorts. The Man with the Umbrella told them they were chosen, as they were blindfolded, and proceeded to go through a series of tests. At some point during these tests, a member of the Society revealed themselves and gave people a pill to counteract a liquid that they would have to drink later. It was up to the participant whether or not they took the pill, but their choice was noted.

Before being brought back into the reception, everyone had an encounter with the Woman with Many Faces, who ultimately wanted people to remove their own "masks" to show their true selves.

Once the rituals were complete, Lundy brought everyone back together to make this Remembrance Day even more special for those attending: as of that evening, they all became full fledged members of the Order of Bileth. Everyone received an enamel pin with the Order's symbol, and was welcomed into the family.

To further the family even more, Lundy also bestowed upon two loyal recruits a great honor: they were Knighted. For their hard work over these past few months, La Salle and Carl became the 5th and 6th Leading Knights of the Order of Bileth, respectively.

After much applause, Lundy also began that he was happy that tonight was also special, for the 2nd Leading Knight was being welcomed back into the fold after much repentance for their past sins. With that, he introduced Rachel as Rachel Lundy, his daughter, as the 2nd Leading Knight, to much surprise.

As a final revelation, Lundy brought everyone out into the main gallery. As the Order members followed, they found the Disciples were already standing at the ready nearby, including the one that had taken on the form of Tabitha.

It was here he explained that the rituals everyone went through that night had a reason behind them; the Order was testing their minds and bodies to see who would be the vessel for Bileth upon her return. He explained that he deliberated long and hard on the results, but ultimately, there was only one person meant for this honor: Rachel Lundy.

Rachel did her best to decline, but Lundy grew angry, explaining that it was not only an order from the 1st Leading Knight, but her father, and that she had no choice. As he instructed Jeremy to begin the ceremony, Henry stepped forward and demanded Lundy to stop.

Surprised by this outburst, Lundy told Henry to hold his tongue. Instead, Henry went on to berate Lundy for this selfishness, that everything he had down thus far had been for his own good, and not the good of the Order. He explained to those in attendance that Lundy was obviously trying to make up for his own sins; making his father proud, for letting his wife die, and so on.

Lundy, angry at this, had another outburst. Henry then pulled out his trump card; he revealed that Rachel was wk, and that Lundy was not fit to lead the Order because of it. Lundy moved to attack Henry, but two Disciples held him back.

Henry, it seemed, was positioning to take over, and force Lundy out. He called upon Tabitha, who made her way to Lundy, and gently touched his face as Lundy was unsure what was to come next. While it seemed she was to attack him, she instead turned and attacked Rachel instead. In front of everyone, Tabitha strangled Rachel to death, as Lundy tried, unsuccessfully, to stop it.


As he cradled his deceased daughter in his hands, Henry turned to the crowd and told them that that they had their own choice: to stand with him, or to wind up like Rachel. He told them to get out, as Jeremy lead the shocked attendees outside. Just before he closed the door, he said he had to go back for Lundy, and that they would hear from him soon.

No one knows Lundy's current whereabouts or what occurred after the new members left. However, Henry is now in charge, and we knows how he will lead the Order of Bileth's next phase...
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